In the spring of 2016, NMH formed eight task forces that had a shared goal of turning the vision of the NMH 2020 Strategic Plan into a reality. Each task force is charged with developing recommendations for innovative new practices and programs that will enhance the educational experience of NMH students.


These are exciting times at NMH, and the work of these task forces is critically important to our future. I invite everyone in the NMH community to familiarize themselves with this work by taking a few minutes to browse through the videos and other content on this site. Read the task force reports, listen to the co-chairs describe the work their groups have been doing, and, if you are inclined, share your own thoughts, comments and questions using the provided chat feature, or email link above. Our vision for NMH is an ambitious one. I hope every member of the NMH community will join us in bringing it to fruition.


Peter B. Fayroian
Head of School
Supporting the Plan
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